Frequently Asked Questions

I found a stray dog/cat. What do I do?

Shenango Valley Animal Shelter will respond to animal control calls for dogs within our service area. If a stray animal is found in our service area during regular business hours, contact SVAS at (724) 342-5834.

If a dog is found out of our service area, or after regular business hours, contact your local police department.

Mercer County Non-Emergency: (724) 662-6110

I found an abused, abandoned, neglected, or injured animal. What do I do?

SVAS does not currently have the facilities to quarantine animals with infectious diseases nor are we able to provide the around-the-clock care that these animals may require. Contact your county's Humane Society to ensure the animal is provided with the necessary additional care.

Mercer County Humane Society: (724) 981-5445

What is your service area?

The Shenango Valley Animal Shelter currently serves 7 municipalities within the Shenango Valley: Farrell, Hermitage, Sharon, Sharpsville, Shenango Township, West Middlesex, and Wheatland.

Are you a "no-kill" shelter?

The Shenango Valley Animal Shelter is an unlimited stay shelter, which means we do not euthanize any animal for space or time constraints. Adoptable animals remain in our shelter until a home is found or their health or temperament dramatically changes. Every animal is treated with dignity and respect and our staff works tirelessly in each situation to achieve the best outcome possible. Animals with behavioral issues are evaluated by a professional animal behaviorist and the rescues with which we work are contacted. Only animals with incurable illnesses and those that pose an imminent threat to our staff or community are humanely euthanized. We are not a breed specific shelter or rescue, we are an animal control facility. Therefore we accept all breeds the overwhelming majority of which are stray animals with unknown histories. Obviously our number one limitation is space. We cannot accept animals for which we have no space. To do otherwise would threaten the health and even the lives of all other animals in our shelter. Because of our commitment to a no-kill operation, our small facility, and our animal control responsibilities we may not be able to accept new animals at any given time.

Where can I see your adoptable animals

All of our animals available for adoption are posted on our Pets Page along with a picture and brief description. For more information refer to our Adoption Page.

Are the animals spayed and neutered before adoption?

Yes, we require all medically fit cats and dogs to be spayed/neutered before they are adopted out. Any extenuating circumstances that prevent us from fixing an animal will be made clear to potential adopters. Refer to our Adoption page for more info.

What is the Adoption Fee and what is included?

Dog Adoption: $165, includes animal to be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

Cat Adoptions: $100, includes animal to be spayed or neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and FeLV / FIV tested.

Learn More: Adoption

Is there a return policy on adopted animals?

We will always accept our animals back if things are not working out. However, There is no refund on the adoption price as agreed upon on the adoption paperwork that was completed. Animals can be returned within 14 days free of charge, after this time period the animal must be returned as an owner surrender.

I have lost my dog/cat. What can I do?

You should notify local veterinarians in case someone brings the animal in to be checked for a microchip. If they do not have a microchip, there are multiple Facebook accounts to post in, for example, Mercer County PA Lost and Found Pets, and Mercer County Pets. You should contact nearby animal shelters and rescues in case any have reports of the animal. If you call us we will make a report of the lost animal  so we can call you if we receive any information. We do not post lost or found pets on our Facebook page. Create flyers to post in shelters and around your local community.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday - Friday: 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

Saturday: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

Sunday: Closed to the public

*appointments for other times may be made if necessary by contacting the shelter directly