Fun, energetic, sweet loving girl!


female, spayed

UTD on vaccines

6 years old

must be only pet

playful, active personality!

Although Dotty is only about 35 pounds, she will surprise you with her athletic abilities! She can jump high, therefore, she will need to be closely monitored when outside of the house. She may benefit from a fenced in yard to run off some energy! An active family is a must for her. Dotty loves people, but prefers to be the only pet. She has been with us for five years now! Please help us find her a home before she's with us another year!



male, neutered

2 years old

UTD on vaccines

dog and cat friendly

intelligent and loyal!

Say hello to this incredibly handsome boy, Avalanche! This guy is not a typical dog that ends up at our shelter, but he needs a home nonetheless! Avalanche MUST go to a home with someone who is experienced with Alaskan Malamutes. This breed needs a lot of exercise so a bigger yard is strongly preferred. He would love to go to an active family that will take him on walks and hikes! His breed is also incredibly intelligent, he's almost too smart for his own good! He can and WILL accomplish anything he sets his minds to. He is an expert escape artist, trust us, we've seen it first hand! While challenging in those aspects, Avalanche would make a great family dog as he's gentle, playful, and loyal. He doesn't seem to mind dogs or cats either, so we think he will fit in with anyone! He just needs someone who appreciates his needs. We want him to succeed in his new home because he absolutely deserves a wonderful life!


Avalanche is positive for Lyme disease and has started his treatment (4 weeks of antibiotics). He will go home with the remainder of his medication (if any).



Male, neutered

UTD on Vaccines

3 years old

Dog selective

Very playful and silly!

This lovable goofball deserves a great home!! He has nothing but love to give to the people around him!



male, neutered

UTD on vaccines

5 years old

dog & cat friendly!

lab mix

Obedient & loyal!

Where are our lab lovers?! Adam is just the perfect dog! He wants to make his people proud through his love and loyalty! This boy is extremely well behaved, doesn’t make a mess in his kennel, and walks great on a leash!



male, neutered

UTD on vaccines

3 years old

dog selective & cat friendly!

Very active!! Loves to give kisses!

Unfortunately, this poor guy’s owners never came to pick him up! We can’t understand why since he’s only been sweet & loving with us! Acorn will need someone who can spend time with him and help burn some energy. He would love daily walks or running through a fenced in yard! This sweetie also gets along with all other animals. Someone please give him a chance!



male, neutered

1 year old

UTD on vaccines

cat friendly

An Absoulte Snuggle Bug!

Gilbert is going to need very special care. He can see very little. He will somehow always find his way to your legs and rub them, but definitely struggles over all! He is super friendly and wants to be wherever you are. Consider adopting this sweet boy, we know he will just melt your heart.



Female, Spayed

2 year old

UTD on vaccines

cat/dog friendly

Cleo is a very affectionate cat! Prefers people over other animals, but does good with them. Cleo does take some time to warm up to every body but loves to snuggle.



 Gale- Male

Peeta- Male

Maxwell- Male

Rue- Female

All about 8 weeks old

All of them are current on vaccines and dewormed 

Spay and Neuters are Scheduled for July 10th




Arya- Female- About 10 weeks old

Prim- Male

Finnick- Male

Katniss- Female

Prim, Finnick, Katniss - About 8 weeks old

All of them are current on vaccines and dewormed 

Spay and Neuters are Scheduled for July 10th





Spayed Female

2 years old

Vaccines are current

Dog friendly

Not cat friendly

Millie is a a very shy girl at first but when she warms up she's a lover and will steal your heart with her sweet personality!



Female, Spay is scheduled for July

Approximately 10 weeks old

Vaccines are current

Dog/cat Friendly

Maisie is a sweet girl will scream for attention! But loves playing with the other cats! She will lay down and cuddle with the other kittens.